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Features & Benefits:

•  Durable Galvanneal Steel Structure with powder coating for additional protection.

•  Different temperature ranges can be set according to application.

•  Easy Maintenance: reduce labor time and costs with easy access under the Case.


Standard Options:

•  Variety of lengths can be joined together to meet layout requirements.

•  Fan Motor: EBM brand, AC type (Standard Efficiency).

•  High efficiency coil design with corrugated aluminum fins and variable spacing augment            efficiency and allow for more frost build-up before defrosting becomes necessary.

  • Open Type Cooler

  • Large, eye-level displays.

  • Variety of applications.

  • Adjustable shelf heights and angles for merchandising flexibility.

  • Glass Door Cooler or Freezer

  • High Capacity merchandising with visual appeal.

  • Adjustable shelf heights and angles for merchandising flexibility.

  • Automatic closing Glass Doors with built-in Anti-Swear Heaters that prevent condensation.

  • Sleek Full View glass walls provide great product visibility for a variety of applications.

  • Open or Sliding Glass Door Cover.

  • Rust protection and preservative treatment conducted for all components.

  • Temperature Range: 2°C to -2°C or - 18°C to -25°C.

  • Half Glass Door Reach-In top and glazed Gondola bottom provides flexible merchandising display without compromising floor space.

  • Small investment with great benefits. Show different products with low operating costs and save energy.

  • Cooler or Dry/Heater

  • Single Deck, Counter Service (Enclosed Glass Case) or Self-Services (Open) Display Case provides optimum merchandising.

  • Variety of applications: Refrigerated, Dry Heated or Moisture Heated.

  • Temperature Range Refrigerated: 0°C to 5°C.

  • Temperature Range Heated: 60°C to 65°C.

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