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FRRU: FriconUSA Refrigerant Recirculating Unit
  • 24” – 72” Diameter

  • ASME stamped recirculator vessel available as a horizontal or vertical liquid receiver vessel in diameters from 24” to 72”.

  • Carbon steel reinforced welded base, less weight and size; reduces transport, assembly and construction costs.

  • Dual relief assembly valve at 250 psig.

  • Liquid level indicator column with electronic level probe.

  • High level shutdown float switch for compressor protection.

  • Two-stage feed liquid solenoid and manual expansion valve.

  • ASME stamped oil pot with single relief valve.

  • 2 Centrifugal sealed pumps with 3 HP each.

  • Minimum pump flow control.

  • UL 508A listed built-in electrical control panel.

  • Refrigerant: Ammonia, Freon or CO2


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