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FIUC: FriconUSA Industrial Cubic Unit Cooler

The most common applications are for industrial for refrigerated and frozen food storage and blast freezers among others.


FriconUSA’s has developed a line of commercial and industrial Unit Coolers to complement its ample line of refrigeration equipment to meet the demanding needs of the refrigeration industry. Whatever your cold project requires we can meet your needs and exceed your expectations with an innovative, cost-effective and energy-efficient solution.


The new FIUC-B: FriconUSA Industrial Unit Cooler “Evaporator” is designed to meet most demands in medium to large range capacity for industrial refrigeration. Its flexible design allows for an ample range of construction options to meet your application needs, easy installation and maintenance. The quality of our products ensures our customer's reliability, low operating cost, and long life of the equipment.

  • Available fan diameters: 500, 710, 800, or 910mm.

  • Powder-coated white, corrosion-resistant Galvalume/Aluminized Steel sheet casing.

  • Easy access, double sheet, insulated, hinged type drain tray with multiple slope design for easy drain during the defrost cycle.

  • Low refrigerant charge Direct Expansion (DX) feed type.

  • Quiet, high efficiency, external rotor motor, two-speed, AC-type axial fan(s) for better operation.

  • Copper tube and aluminum fin.

  • The coil is designed in a 50x50 “In-Line” parallel pattern. Tube size [14-16mm].

  • From 4 to 8 coil rows.

  • Designed so the tube support prevents the coil from touching the "end plate" avoiding damage to the pipe during vibration.

  • Fin spacing available: 6.3, 4.2 or 2.5 Fins Per Inch (FPI).

  • Air Defrost.

  • Connection: Copper tube for brazing.

  • Refrigerant: R-404A

  • UL 508A listed a built-in electrical control panel.

  • 2-year warranty.

  • Casing- Powder-coated white, corrosion-resistant Galvalume/Aluminized Steel sheet or stainless steel casing. Designed with ample internal space to facilitate the installation and the easy-to-remove snap on/off side panels allow for simplified access to internal components for maintenance.

  • Drain Tray- The double sheet, insulated, hinged type drain tray is powder-coated white or stainless steel on the outside and can be lowered or easily removed as needed for maintenance even when a Hot Gas defrost option is added to the coil.  A multiple slope design permits easy drain during the defrost cycle.

  • FANS & MOTORS- Available fan diameters: 500, 710, 800 or 910mm.

    • Quiet, high efficiency, two-speed, AC type axial fans (only one speed for 910mm), external rotor motor with large wing curve impeller cast aluminum combined with optimized venturi plate provides the best performance in air volume, low power consumption and noise reduction available in the refrigeration industry.

    • Fan motors are capable of working with a VFD. Optional, variable speed EC fan motors (not available in 575V).

    • The high speed of the fan provides additional static air pressure and long throw, see performance data tables for more information. Fan guards provide protection for a safe operation. Standard voltage includes 208/230V, 460V, and 575V for 60Hz applications.

  • Coil Tube- From 4 to 8 coil rows.

    • For Freon, Water, Brine or Glycol the standard material is copper tube and aluminum fin. For Ammonia, the standard is stainless steel tube and aluminum fin.

    • We use an inner groove tube for Direct Expansion (DX) Freon units that allows for a better heat transfer to improve efficiency. A smooth tube is used for Water, Brine or Glycol.

    • The coil is designed in a 50 x 50 mm parallel tube pattern "In-Line" that allows to reduce the air pressure drop through the coil saving energy.

    • Coil Support Tube: Our design includes a special support tube in the coil that prevents the tubes from touching the "end plates" avoiding damages or failures in the tubes due to vibrations, contractions and/or expansions.

  • COIL CIRCUITING- The coil circuiting on each unit is meticulously made to obtain maximum performance at the lowest pressure drop possible according to our standard applications. Contact our application engineers for distinctive circuits for special applications. 

  • DEFROST TYPE- Standard defrost is by air. Electric defrost, hot gas or combinations between the coil and tray are available as options.

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