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​​FLCH-6S: FriconUSA Large-Sized Chiller

The most common applications are for air conditioning in largesized buildings such as offices, schools, hotels, shopping centers, and supermarkets amongst others.


Standard ambient operating temperature range:

+110°F (+43.3°C) to +40°F (4.4°C)

Extended ambient operating temperature range:

+125°F (+51.7°C) to -20°F (-28.9°C)

* *See optional packages.

Application / leaving fluid temperature range:

+56°F (+13.3°C) to +18°F (-8.0°C)

The new FLCH-6S: FriconUSA Large-Sized Chiller, 6 Series Standard, air-cooled condenser, is designed to meet most of the demands of medium to large range capacity for air conditioning. The quality, high efficiency, and low cost of this product offers an excellent alternative in the market


​Standard Features & Beneifts:

  • Uneven tandem Bitzer scroll compressor for better capacity control in most cases.

  • Aluminum frame with galvanized steel reinforcement, high-efficiency condenser with strong structure, and micro-channel coil aluminum, less weight and size; reduces transport, assembly, and construction costs.

  • Eco-Friendly; Air-cooled Micro-channel condenser coil with reduced internal volume requires between 40% to 60% less refrigerant charge and results in a significant reduction of the charge necessary for normal or flooded operations.

  • Wide range of applications for water or glycol.

  • Quiet, high efficiency, external rotor motor, two-speed, AC-type axial fans for better operation.

  • Built-in, Direct Expansion (DX) brazed plate evaporator, single or dual circuit according to the model, with reduced internal volume requires less refrigerant charge.

  • Electronic expansion valve, liquid sight glass, and solenoid valve.

  • Built-in flow switch.

  • Liquid drier with replaceable core and inlet ball valve.

  • Flexible joint on the discharge line.

  • Refrigerant: R-410a

  • Factory pre-charged and individually tested.

  • UL 508A listed a built-in electrical control panel.

  • Compressor and fan circuit breakers.

  • Voltage and phase-loss monitor with protection module for each compressor.

  • Control: 208-230V / 1PH / 60HZ

  • Power supply voltage 460V / 3PH / 60HZ with single point power connection.

  • Electronic Control System; compressor(s) and condenser fans operational management: alarms, measurement of pressure and temperature variables, 132x64 LCD backlit built-in display with 6-button keypad. Alarm management: 3 alarms for compressor(s) (overload, high/low pressure) and 1 overload alarm for condenser fans.

  • Fixed high and low-pressure controls on each circuit.

  • BMS (Building Management System): ModBus protocol for supervisor or HMI (Human Machine Interface).

  • 1-year warranty.

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