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FLCU-P: FriconUSA Large-Sized Condensing Unit

The most common applications are for large cold storage, blast freezers, IQF, block or flake ice makers, thermal ice storage, etc.


Application Temperature:

“H” High/Medium: +55°F (+12.8°C) to +5°F(-15°C) SST. R-134a
“M” Medium: +35°F (+1.7°C) to 0°F(-18°C) SST. R-134a
“L” Low: +5°F (-15°C) to -50°F (-45.6°C) SST. R-404a/R-507a

The industrial air cooled FLCU “FriconUSA Large Size Condensing Units” are designed for continuous heavy-duty work to meet most of the demands in the industrial refrigeration sector.


• Galvanized steel base, condenser with strong aluminum structure and high efficiency aluminum micro-channel coils, lower weight and size; reduces the costs of transportation, installation and construction.
• EcoFriendly; Micro-channel coil with internal volume reduced requires between 40% to 60% less refrigerant charge and results in a significant reduction of the refrigerant charge necessary for normal or flooded operations.
• Quiet Fans; external rotor motor with large wing curve impeller cast aluminum, rotating at medium speed, combined with optimized venturi plate provide the best performance in air volume, low power consumption and noise reduction available in the refrigeration industry .
• Quiet, standard efficiency AC type fan with two speeds.
• Built-in electric panel for compressor and condenser fans.
• Electronic control system.
• Economizer with electronic expansion valve.
• Horizontal liquid receiver.
• Suction accumulator with heat exchange.
• Oil separator and replaceable oil filter.
• Thermosyphon Liquid injection Oil Cooling System
• Refrigerants: R-134a, R-404a, R-717 (Ammonia)
• Power 208-230 o 460 volt / 3 phase / 50-60 HZ
• Control 230 volt / 1 phase / 60 HZ
• 2 year warranty.

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