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FMPS-P: FriconUSA Modular Parallel System

The most common applications are centralized refrigeration for small and medium-sized supermarkets, cold rooms, blast coolers or freezers, continuous rapid cooling tunnels, block or flake ice making machines, thermal ice storage, etc.


The new FMPS-P: FriconUSA Modular Parallel System, Premium series, air cooled condenser, are the result of many years of research to provide practical, fast, high quality, efficient solutions and reliable technology for the commercial refrigeration industry.

Our exclusive “patented pending” Modular Parallel System (MPS) design permits forming a parallel system “Rack” with Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) by simply joining units (1 Master and up to 13 Slaves) in order to create “loops” for one or two suction groups for any application.

Application Temperature:

“H” High: +45°F (+7.2°C) to +10°F (-12.2°C) SST

“M” Medium: +30°F (-1.1°C) to -20°F (-29°C) SST

“L” Low: +5°F (-15°C) to -40°F (-40°C) SST


By using Bitzer Ecoline Semi-Hermetic compressors with infinite variable capacity control "CRII" between 10% and 100% or the implementation of an external VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) or “Varispeed Compressor” on the first compressor, we convert this condensing unit into an incredible VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) system resulting in a greater adaptability to the thermal load demand and maximizes energy savings at partial load.

Our MPS system allows different “loops” to form at different evaporation temperatures depending on the application requirements, for example a supermarket typically requires circuits of +35°F, +20°F and +14°C SST for medium temperature display cases and coolers. In a conventional Rack these requirements are combined in a suction group at the lowest temperature adjusting each need with EPR valves. With our MPS you could have three suction groups at three different temperatures, minimizing the size of the compressors and increasing system efficiency

  • ​ Capable of forming a parallel system (rack) with Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) from 2 to 8 compressors with a capacity range from 18 HP to a maximum of 200 HP* to provide a quick, efficient and economical solution to our clients. *Limited by the size of the liquid receiver built into the Master unit. For capacities higher than 200 HP, options for an external liquid receiver are available. Contact the manufacturer.

  • Permits the modular system capacity to expand (on a conventional rack the capacity is fixed).

  • Fewer refrigerants required throughout the system.

  • Bitzer Ecoline Semi-Hermetic compressor with spring mounted vibration insulation, crankcase heater and internal thermal protection.

  • High efficiency semi-hermetic Bitzer Ecoline compressors with variable capacity control “CRII” between 10% and 100% on the Master unit.

  • Step unloader(s) on each compressor (4 cylinders: 50-100%, 6 cylinders: 33-66-100%).

  • Aluminum structure with galvanized steel reinforcement, high efficiency condenser with reinforced structure and aluminum micro-channel coils. Its low weight and size reduces the costs of transportation, installation and construction.

  • Galvanized, powder coated, acoustically semi-insulated and weatherproof semienclosed compressor cabin.

  • EcoFriendly; Air cooled micro-channel condenser coil with internal volume reduced requires between 40% and 60% less refrigerant charge and results in a significant reduction of the refrigerant charge necessary for normal or flooded operations.

  • Wide range of SST (Saturated Suction Temperature)

  • Quiet, high efficiency, external rotor motor, two speed, AC type axial fans for a better operation.

  • EC type condenser fan for the Master Unit, AC type fan for Slave(s).

  • Horizontal liquid receiver with inlet and outlet insulate valves, stainless steel relief valve at 450 PSI and electronic low liquid level indicator.

  • Liquid sight glass and solenoid valve.

  • Suction filter and liquid drier with replaceable core.

  • Suction accumulator.

  • Flexible joint on suction and discharge lines on the compressor.

  • Electronic oil pressure switch.

  • Oil management system installed in Master unit.

  • Refrigerant: R-404a

  • Factory pre-charged with nitrogen and electrical work tested.

  • UL 508A listed built-in electrical control panel.

  • Compressor and fan circuit breakers.

  • Voltage and phase-loss monitor with protection module for each compressor.

  • Control: 208-230V / 1PH / 60HZ

  • Power supply voltage 460V / 3PH / 60HZ with single point power connection.

  • Electronic Control System; compressor(s) and condenser fans operational management: alarms, measurement of pressure and temperature variables, 132x64 LCD backlit built-in display with 6-button keypad. Alarm management: 3 alarms for compressor(s) (overload, pressure and oil) and 1 overload alarm for condenser fans.

  • Fixed high pressure compressor control.

  • BMS (Building Management System): ModBus protocol for supervisor or HMI (Human Machine Interface).

  • 2-year warranty.

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