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FMSC: FriconUSA Medium-Sized Screw Compressor

Open drive screw compressor package for ammonia refrigerant for a wide range of applications in the industry.


• Optimal energy efficiency.
• Reliable.
• Long lifetime.
• Cost effective.
• Low operating costs.
• Compact and easy to install.
• Direct coupled Motor-Compressor Flange. (Alignment not
• No oil pump required (except for Booster).

• High-efficiency Bitzer Screw Compressor twin rotor OS-53/74 Series.
• Automatic start unloading.
• Capacity control via hydraulically operated Step Loader (OS-53:
100/75%; OS-74: 100/75/50%).
• Horizontal three steps coalescent oil separator ASME certified with oil
level indicator, oil level switch and oil heater.
• Complete oil management control (service valves, pre- filter, filter, flow
switch, sight glass, solenoid valve).
• Combined discharge “Shut-off /check valve”.
• Suction shut-off valve.
• Built-in suction strainer for OS- 74 series.
• Oil cooling system for liquid injection or Thermosyphon for medium or low
temperature respectively.
• Microprocessor control panel.
• High efficiency ODP 3500 RPM motor. Voltage: 208-230/460V, 200V, 460V or 575V.
• Refrigerant: R-717 (Ammonia).
• 2 year warranty.


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